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COLUMBIA, S.C. — The Medical University of South Carolina confirmed Friday that it will be laying off executive and administrative staff throughout its Midlands campuses after the hospital did not meet its projected margins for the first half of the fiscal year.
The hospital failed to meet its margin by $40 million. In a statement, the hospital explained the financial issues stating: 
“When MUSC acquired the four facilities that comprise the Midlands division in 2021, it was projected at the time that it would take up to 3 years for the division to become solvent. This is a common timeline when acquiring facilities that have been struggling financially… We anticipate the margin improving over time with the changes being implemented now as well as continued efforts to further involve the local physician network.”
Brenda Taylor, 73, just spent a few days in the hospital at MUSC but she said not everything was up to par while she was there.
“I had a blood clot removed from my leg… When I went to the hospital on Friday, I waited in the emergency room for six hours before I was told that there was no one there to operate the machine to look at my leg,” Taylor said.
After learning about the layoffs, Taylor said she fears for the future of her local hospital.
“It’s not like we can do without the hospitals because we need them,” Taylor said.
According to MUSC staff, upcoming changes include staff layoffs. 
“In order to reach our reinvestment goals, this restructuring includes downsizing and reassignment of duties within the organization to improve performance and incorporate additional growth,” the hospital group said in a statement.
The hospital reassured the community that they are still working to provide quality care but, citing employee confidentiality, did not confirm how many employees will be let go in these layoffs.
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