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The monthly own source revenue comparison for Nairobi City County Government (NCCG) shows a positive outlook as revenue collection in March 2023 surpasses performance in the same period in 2022.
In a statement, Nairobi County Governor Johnson Sakaja said the County Government has remained resilient despite a disruptive year coupled with Covid-19 and economic downturn, a demonstration of strong operational capacity, diligence and commitment in delivering services to Nairobi residents.

“Our immediate focus in the coming months will be to ensure that priority is trained on revenue collection with a focus to improved service delivery.” Said Governor Sakaja.
Nairobi City County’s own source revenue has been erratic and unpredictable for the past years, with a low of Ksh 8.97B collected in the Financial Year (FY) 2021/22.
This negative trend seems to have been tamed with a monthly comparison portraying a resilient increase in the months of January to March 2023, compared to the same period in 2022.

In the said period, monthly own source revenue collection was Ksh 1.42B, Ksh 1.3B and Ksh 1.78B for the periods; January, February and March (2023) respectively, a sustained increase compared to the year 2022 where Ksh 1.39B for January, Ksh 0.99B for February and Ksh 1.45B in march.
Said Nairobi Governor Sakaja, “Overall, our own source revenue has been on a steady increment. We expect a sustained growth going forward and in the coming months. Collections from January to March 2023 is higher compared to the same period in January to March 2022.”
He added: “There is a 2.2pc, 31.3pc and 22.8pc growth in revenue for January, February and March 2023 respectively. Cumulatively the County collected Ksh 673, 984,028M more in those three months compared to the same period in 2022. We have made remarkable improvements collection wise in Land rates, Single business permits and Fire inspection.  In the coming months, We look forward to achieving double-digit growth in Parking fees, Billboards, House and stall rent, Food handlers and Markets.”
The County Government recently undertook the validation of the Finance Bill 2023.

“The essence of the week-long session with respective sectors was to confirm and justify the various proposals for amendments of fees and charges by various sectors. The session output will go a long way in helping with the preparation of the Finance Bill 2023, which will undergo Public Participation.” Charles Kerich, County Executive Finance and Economic planning. 
“This document will be tabled to the Nairobi County Assembly for approval to the Finance Act. This will help the county raise its own source revenue to meet the ever-growing resources required for financing county services and delivery quality and efficient services to Nairobi residents.” Said Kerich. 
The three-day meeting is considering several items pertinent to strengthening and widening the regional integration in the industrial defense sector.
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