CA Topper Rupansh Ashwani serves as president and CEO of Shashwani, Shashikul, Agass – Republic World

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Rupansh Ashwani has a wide range of credentials, including the titles of Chartered Accountant, MBA, CFA, MFA, DISA, and B.Com Hons.
Rupansh Ashwani has a wide range of credentials, including the titles of Chartered Accountant, MBA, CFA, MFA, DISA, and B.Com Hons. In 2011, he scored highest on the Chartered Accountant examinations in India. He also holds credentials as a job counsellor and an international education advisor. Both the novel “Pulchritude: An Eternal Love Story” and the poem collection “The Sojourn” are works that he has authored. The tracks “Proud to be a CA,” “Love can go so far,” “Show me the way,” and “You are in my dreams” are all his original compositions and feature his distinctive vocals and songwriting. He also shares his wisdom as a speaker.
SHASHIKUL is led by Rupansh Ashwani, who also serves as its president and chief executive officer. The business offers products and services in the fields of learning and tourism. There are also online classes for YOGA, IELTS, and PTE, as well as job guidance and study abroad programmes. To receive career guidance, students must first take a psychometric exam on the company’s website, after which they will receive a detailed report and, at their discretion, an individual counselling session.

Students interested in studying overseas can take a quiz to determine their chances of getting into schools in different countries. Even the SOP procedure can be completed online now. The organisation handles everything from the passport application to the job offer. Accommodation and transportation assistance are also provided by the firm. SHASHIKUL also offers the SHASHIKUL Schoolsy and SHASHIKUL Schoolsio apps, which feature videos, quizzes, evaluations, exam patterns, pupil progress, and more.
Study for any exam in India with the help of the software SHASHIKUL Examera. SHASHIKUL consumers can connect with one another, share knowledge, and learn from one another through the company’s pedagogical social networks, SHASHIKUL Edura and SHASHIKUL Pictora. Every SHASHIKUL user receives unrestricted, free access to these social networks. The firm also gives away free lecture notes and instructional films to classrooms. Furthermore, it offers online lessons for the banking certification test. Tours, airline tickets, hotel reservations, airport transportation, and more are all part of the services offered by this business. SHASHIKUL can be found on the web at the address
Rupansh Ashwani serves as the president and chief executive officer of SHASHWANI. is a reputable online retailer that offers competitive rates on a wide variety of high-quality goods. Items such as apparel, footwear, kitchenware, playthings, mobile and electrical accessories, and more are available. Customers can choose to pay online, or they can pay in cash upon receipt of their order. SHASHWANI also operates an online jewellery shop, Original gold and diamond hallmarked jewellery in exquisite patterns is for sale here. Jewellery is GIA, SGL, GSI, and IGI verified.
Rupansh Ashwani runs AGASS as MD/CEO. Visit to take advantage of AGASS’s low rates on cloud-based software. Startup, marketing, finance, operations, human resources, social media marketing and management, outsourcing, management, industry-specific businesses, and a great many more are just some of the areas that these software address. Services such as chartered accounting, insurance, human resources, financing, and much more are also offered by the firm. Through its websites, and, the firm also offers anyone the chance to launch his or her own mobile app development and web development business. Free site hosting is provided to all users of The company’s main webpage can be found at
On, a website created by Rupansh Ashwani, anyone can access free electronic versions of novels. is a video rental and purchase website.
Rupansh Ashwani also frequently gives seminars on the secrets of the universe, motivation, job counselling, and other relevant topics to modern audiences in institutions and businesses. His writings on a wide range of subjects appear regularly in online publications. Rupansh Ashwani’s mission is to make the world a better place through the services he provides.


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