Could build roads for Manmohan Singh in Maharashtra: Nitin Gadkari praises former PM | Mint – Mint

The economic reforms started by Manmohan Singh as the finance minister in 1991 gave a new direction to India as it ushered in a liberal economy, he said
The country is indebted to former prime minister Manmohan Singh for the economic reforms, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said on Tuesday. 
Gadkari said in Hindi, “The country is indebted to Manmohan Singh for the liberalisation that gave a new direction.” 
The economic reforms started by Singh as the finance minister in 1991 gave a new direction to India as it ushered in a liberal economy, he added.
India needs a liberal economic policy with the intention to provide its benefits to poor people, Gadkari said adding that liberal economic policy is for farmers and poor people.
He was speaking at TIOL Awards 2022 event. The awards function was organised by a portal ‘TaxIndiaOnline’.
He recalled that he could raise money to build roads in Maharashtra when he was a minister in Maharashtra in the mid-1990s due to economic reforms initiated by the former prime minister.
Further speaking on how India’s economic growth can further accelerate, he said, India will need more capex investment.
The road transport and highways minister said the NHAI is also raising money from the common man for the construction of highways.
Gadkari said that his ministry is constructing 26 green expressways and he is not facing a shortage of money.
According to him, the toll revenue of NHAI will soar to 1.40 lakh crore by the end of 2024 from 40,000 crore per annum currently.
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