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Minister of Finance Annely Akkermann (Reform) has filed annual reports on some of the companies of which she is registered owner. Reports on the companies in question had not been submitted for several years, while the minister pledged to file them, after she took office last autumn.
Reports on two companies owned by Akkermann, Luited OÜ, which provides removal services, and Eystra Yachts OÜ, which provides yacht maintenance services, had last been filed in 2019.
The report for Luited OÜ was filed on March 9 this year; the company had a turnover of €8,700 in the financial year before last, while last financial year it was essentially dormant.
Akkermann submitted a report for Eystra Yachts OÜ from 2021 stating it had a turnover of €3,060; the previous year’s report is still outstanding.
Akkermann also holds a 22 percent stake in Kihnu Janduse OÜ and Kihnu Põllumajudanse OÜ, which Kihnu Rural Municipality – Kihnu is a small island in the Gulf of Riga, of which Akkermann is a native – also has shares in, while in the Kihnu Põllumajanduse OÜ case, the reports also had not been filed for several years.
Akkermann told ERR at the start of March that the delay in filing the above had been due to a lack of time.
She said at the time: “”I have completely put all of my personal affairs on the back burner.”
“There’s nothing else to it. The work of finance minister has been much more intense than I had thought,” she added, referencing 16-hour days and saying she “couldn’t take any more.”
Under current Estonian law, even companies which have been dormant and which have engaged in no economic activity, must submit an annual financial report.
Akkermann became Minister of Finance after her predecessor, Keit Pentus-Rosimannus, took up the post of Estonia’s representative at the European Court of Auditors.
Akkermann joined the Reform Party in 2018, having previously been a member of IRL, now known as Isamaa.

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