Meet CA Topper, Author, Rockstar, and Motivational Speaker Rupansh Ashwani, MD, CEO of AGASS, SHASHIKUL, and SHASHWANI – The Indian Express

Chartered Accountant, MBA, CFA, MFA, DISA, and B.Com Hons are among Rupansh Ashwani’s credentials. He placed first in India’s Chartered Accountant exams in 2011. Career and study abroad counsellors are among his credentials. He also wrote “Pulchritude – An Eternal Love Story” and “The Sojourn,” a poetry book about the universe’s mysteries. He also wrote, sang, and composed “Proud to be a CA,” “Love Can Go So Far,” “Show Me the Way,” and “You Are in My Dreams.” He also speaks about motivation.
Rupansh Ashwani is the Managing Director and CEO of SHASHIKUL. Travel and education are among the organization’s services. Career counselling, studying abroad, NEET and university admissions, and online YOGA, IELTS, and PTE classes are offered by the organisation. Students must complete a psychometric test on the company’s website for career recommendations. They’ll receive a detailed report and career counselling afterward. 
Students who want to study abroad must answer a few questions and obtain a report on the universities and countries they are most likely to be accepted to. Online SOP procedures are available. The organisation handles everything, from visa applications to offer letters. The organisation also books accommodations and transfers. The company also offers the apps SHASHIKUL Schoolsy and SHASHIKUL Schoolsio, which comprise videos, quizzes, evaluation, test patterns, and student progress. SHASHIKUL Examera provides example questions for Indian exams. 
Using SHASHIKUL’s educational social networks, Edura and Pictora, customers may meet new people, communicate, and learn from one other. Every SHASHIKUL customer has unlimited access to these social networks. The organisation also sends school children free movies and notes. It also provides videos for banking test prep. The company books flights, hotels, transportation, and other services in addition to tours and travel packages. SHASHIKUL’s website is
Rupansh Ashwani is at the helm of affairs at SHASHWANI as its CEO and Managing Director. This company sells affordable, high-quality items online at These products include clothes, shoes, homeware, toys, and tech accessories. Consumers can pay online or in cash for their orders from the company. is SHASHWANI’s online jewellery store. The corporation sells gold and diamond hallmarked jewellery with stunning patterns on this website. The GIA, SGL, GSI, and IGI have verified the jewelry’s authenticity.
Moreover, Rupansh Ashwani is AGASS’s MD and CEO. AGASS sells cloud software at low prices on their website, The softwares address all aspects of business, including beginning a business, marketing, financing, operations, human resources, social media marketing and management, freelancing, management, industry-specific firms, and much more. The company also offers chartered accounting, insurance, human resources, financing, and much more. and allow anyone to start their own mobile app and web development company. The company offers free web hosting to members. The company’s official website is
Rupansh Ashwani runs, which offers free novel excerpts. lets users rent and buy movies.
Rupansh Ashwani also speaks at many institutions and organisations about the wonders of the universe, the value of motivation and career guidance, and other topical topics. His wide-ranging articles are published daily on many online sites. Rupansh Ashwani’s services aim to increase global quality of life.
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