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Pune, 19th December 2022: Smita Mishra, the author of the book Lt Colonel Purohit – The Man Betrayed, during the launch of the book at SP College yesterday, alleged that the face of Indian Army officer Colonel Prasad Purohit was used to hide the jihadi face of terrorism in the Malegaon blast case.
She also claimed that the false concept of Hindu terrorism was presented. She further alleged that some political parties caused long-term damage to the nation for temporary political gain. Meanwhile, former Pune police commissioner Jayant Umranikar said the investigation system and police should be reformed for this case.
Mishra wrote the book based on Indian Army officer Lt Colonel Prasad Purohit, an accused in the Malegaon blast case. The book was released on Sunday by former Pune Police Commissioner and retired Director General of Police Jayant Umranikar. Publisher Renu Kaul Verma, retired Major Gaurav Arya, Chartered Accountant Ranjit Natu, Dhananjay Barve, and Prasad Purandare were present.
Mishra said the book has been written to dispel the illusion of the new generation that Hindu terrorism was a concept. Pressure and terror were endured at many levels. Political parties are doing long-term damage to the nation for temporary political gains. When the concept of Hindu terrorism did not exist, the next generation might have believed the concept to be true by telling the same lie consistently. Mishra said that the media also brought wrong information without verification.
Umranikar said police were empowered, but many legal hurdles have been created in the implementation of that right. “The police, caught in the crosshairs of politicians and the general public, need to be given some freedom in exercising their powers. No one must interfere with the rights of the police. Some reforms have to be made in the investigative system and the police department,” he said.
Publisher Renu Kaul Verma explained the role behind the book publication, Ranjit Natu introduced the programme, and retired Major Gaurav Arya moderated the event.
The program was held on the college premises under police guard amid organisations protesting its release.


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