Real Estate Finance Policy Memoranda Library – New York State Attorney General

Guidelines for the Submission of Electronic Payments of Filing Fees During COVID-19 State of Emergency (06/28/2021)
Outline of the Real Estate Finance Bureau's Temporary Paperless Electronic Submission Policies and Procedures (06/28/2021)
Temporary Electronic Submission Policies and Procedures for Initial Submissions During COVID-19 State of Emergency (06/28/2021)
Temporary Submission and Review Policies and Procedures Due to COVID-19 State of Emergency (06/28/2021)
Instructions for Troubleshooting Commonly Encountered E-Payment Portal Issues (09/18/2020)
Disclosure Requirements Regarding Projected Real Estate Taxes After The First Year of Operations (01/24/2020)
Procedure for Submitting a Price Change Only Amendment for Consideration Prior to Acceptance of a Pending Substantive Amendment (10/15/2019)
Guidelines for Amendment Submission (10/15/2019)
Offering Plan Initial Submission Checklist for Digital Submissions (10/15/2019)
Standards for Submission of Certified Public Copies of Offering Plans and Amendments (10/15/2019)
Submitting Amended and Restated Offering Plans when the Offering Plan and All Previously Filed Amendments Are Unavailable (10/15/2019)
Digital Submission Requirements for Cooperative Interests in Realty (10/15/2019)
Outside Purchasers and Tenants’ Right to Purchase (09/17/1986)
Disclosure Requirements Regarding New York State's Additional Transfer Tax and New Supplemental Tax (06/28/2019)
Withholding Condominium Units From The Initial Offer (12/20/2018)
Disclosure Requirements Regarding FinCEN's Geographic Targeting Order (12/04/2018)
Disclosure Requirements Regarding Building Smoking Policies Pursuant to Local Law 147 (08/15/2018)
Disclosure Requirements Regarding Changes to Amendment Exhibits (8/6/2018)
Disclosure Requirements Regarding The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (01/09/2018)
Small Residential Building No-Action Letters (01/08/2016)
Amendment Submissions and Broker-Dealer Registration Requirements Pursuant to New York General Business Law § 359-e
Clarification of Procedure for Changes to Sponsor Entities and/or Principal(s) Thereof in Cooperative Interests in Realty with CPS-5 Exemption (05/09/2017)
Compliance with the Revised Regulations Concerning Protections for Eligible Senior and Disabled Tenants During Condominium or Cooperative Conversions (08/31/2016)
Repeal of November 16, 2015 Memo Concerning Disclaimers of Liability In Offering Plans (04/08/2016)
Effects of the Expiration of Emergency Regulations Concerning Protections for Senior and Disabled Tenants During Condominium or Cooperative Conversions (02/08/2016)
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