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 Every leader in history who has been successful in carrying his values in his functioning has proved to carry forward a legacy worth marveling at. The mark of an outstanding leader is the force that he creates by being a guiding light to everyone who joins hands with him. Leadership is a natural ability to think beyond what’s expected and lead with an example. There have been leaders who have changed the course of history with their commitment towards the work and the ability to evoke the same in others. Here’s a list of such gems from our country which paved the path for a much brighter future. A mere mention of their names is enough to inspire millions of young minds. So, let’s hear the hidden stories of  top 10 outstanding leaders who continue to enlighten fresh minds with their perseverance.
Abhishek Gami, Managing Director of United Wolfram
Young Entrepreneur Abhishek Gami – an Indispensable Man for the Indian Economy, led the foundation of United Wolfram. He is also known as “The Tungsten King of India”, started with zero in a very small rented place and went on to become a multi-millionaire at a very young age is quite inspirational. United Wolfram specializes in manufacturing high-performance rare earth metals Tungsten and Cobalt, including their intermediates. This manufacturing facility is the largest in India for producing Tungsten based intermediates. He also took over India’s most trusted and 45-year-old Tungsten Carbide Sintered Product Manufacturing Plant from Indo-US Promoters and became the youngest promotor and MD of a Public Limited Company at the age of 30. He started his journey at the age of 20 with a vision to do something rare, new, and significant for the Indian economy. He was also invited by BRICS Council, Brasilia, and attended the BRICS SUMMIT with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Murugesan.V, Founder of Rezhit Group 
Murugesan. V is an enthusiastic engineering graduate known as the options strategist king among Mumbai stock traders. He is the founder of Rezhit Group, successfully running his software, export, real estate, and cinema post-production companies in Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Pune. He’s 31 years old and has also been doing great in stock market trading for the last 12 years. He is a long-term investor in the stock market and has created his own strategy in options trading and making profits of more than Rs 1 crore per month. In addition, he has been providing option trading secrets to various big investors and foreign investors through profit sharing. He has been publishing stock market premium secret information through a platform called for the benefit of small investors. He has been a popular Mumbai stock exchange trader for the last three years because of his successful performance in high-risk options trading at a young age. He has invested heavily in Chennai, Mumbai and Pune on his own earnings.
Ashok Jangra, Head- India Market Retail Sales and Trade Marketing at Logitech Electronic India Private Limited
With an extraordinary career of over 23 years, he had set the bar very high for marketers everywhere. He has been a pioneer of digital transformation and crafting retail experiences and has been in leadership positions across Sales, Marketing, Category & General Management with technology giants like Samsung, Canon & BenQ.
As Head – of India Markets (Retail sales & Trade Marketing), has set up successful business operations in SAARC, Myanmar & Cambodia. He has pushed the boundaries of retail experiences and GTM strategies and nurtured strategic partnerships. He has paved the way for a new dimension in in-store customer experience, e.g. one-of-a-kind experience store in Nehru Place, New Delhi
Harsh Patel, Founder & CEO of Water and Shark
Harsh Patel is an accomplished International Corporate Lawyer, Chartered Accountant, and founder of Water and Shark, an International Financial and Legal Consultancy firm, with expertise in cross-border transactions, mergers and acquisitions, tax planning, regulatory compliance, family succession planning, business setup, and international corporate law. Mr. Patel has received numerous accolades, including being named UAE’s Most Influential Financial and Legal Professional, receiving the Leaders of Change award, and being featured in Forbes Magazine. Patel’s deep understanding of legal and regulatory frameworks, combined with his diverse expertise and recognition, make him a valuable asset to his clients and his organization and a true leader in the industry. 
Ms. Shreya Reddy, Managing Director of MLRIT College
Shreya Reddy, the Managing Director of MLRIT Engineering college, has led the institution to become one of the top engineering colleges in Hyderabad. With a focus on academic excellence and sports infrastructure, the college has achieved a remarkable placement record and produced several outstanding athletes, including national boxing champion Nikhat Zareen. Shreya’s vision for the college is to create an environment where every student can achieve their dreams. Her tireless efforts and commitment to excellence have made MLRIT a top institution and a beacon of hope for students. Recently, she was awarded the Young Leader Award from Stumagz for her outstanding leadership. 
Ayush Gupta, CEO of BAFEL
Ayush was born in Udhampur, Jammu and Kashmir, in 1993. He faced a tough childhood as the son of an Air Force officer. Even though he had qualified for the Indian Navy SSB, destiny had different plans. Amidst his engineering studies, in 2001, he started working as a manager for a coaching institute. He finally graduated from IIFT with a Master’s in International Business, and today is the CEO of BAFEL, the leading soft skills training provider for corporates and individuals. In covid, when firms were shutting down, he made BAFEL emerge as a leader in helping Indian Nurses become eligible to fulfil the healthcare manpower shortage in the United Kingdom’s NHS Hospitals. 
Sarvesh Agrahari, CEO of Cofinex & Minos Blockchain 
Sarvesh Agrahari is an experienced entrepreneur and CEO of Cofinex & Minos Blockchain s.r.o, a blockchain-based fintech startup based in India and the Czech Republic. He has a background in computer engineering and a track record of success in strategic planning, project management, and P&L responsibility for multi-million dollar organizations. With over 13 years of experience in the financial industry, he has built technical teams and designed high-level architectures for exchange and clearing systems. Sarvesh is passionate about blockchain and cryptocurrency asset technology and has successfully implemented a smart bond-matching engine that uses custom-built algorithms to find business prospects by analyzing data. As CEO of Cofinex, he oversees day-to-day operations, manages business development and marketing efforts, and helps shape the company’s strategic direction.  
Rishabh Malhotra, Vice chairman of the Inventivepreneur Chamber of Commerce and Industries 
Rishabh Malhotra is an Indian businessman and Vice Chairman of the Inventivepreneur Chamber of Commerce and Industries. He has 25 years of experience and has Contributed to 1000+ businesses with skills like business upscaling and reformation globally, he has supported almost 1 Lac Indian business by creating awareness of central government policies and programs. He has contributed to a larger community through the match-making of exporters, importers and traders. He is specialized in international relations for supporting businesses on JV, Mergers, and Technology Exchange. He has Managed and supported top-notch businesses with large-size investments, such as acceleration funds, Upscale international business relations through investment agencies, ambassadors, diplomats, chambers and business associations. He has mentored almost 25000+ businesses in the last 5 years. As a part of the chamber, his major responsibility is to develop a partnership between multiple countries’ governments. During close observations, he always educates companies to start out on the right path.
Aarzoo Shah, Entrepreneur & Author 
Aarzoo Shah is a versatile entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, and change-maker who has impacted thousands of women in India over the past decade. Her mission is to empower women by helping them believe in themselves through various channels, seminars, and workshops. Aarzoo’s programs not only assist people in discovering their true purpose but also assist business owners in expanding their businesses and helping passionate individuals become entrepreneurs. Her goal is to impact one million people by 2023, and she has already worked with thousands of individuals worldwide. 
Dr. Basant Goel, Chief of Goel Medicos 
Dr Basant Goel is the Chief of Goel Medicos and Director of ANT Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, Sparshmart Pharmaceuticals Private Limited, and Elastage Pharmaceuticals Private Limited. Dr. Goel holds a doctorate in Pharmacy from the prestigious American East Coast University in the United States. Known as the “King of Medicines,” Dr. Goel has made Goel Medicos a household name not just in India but throughout the world. Goel Medicos serves Mostly Government & Private Institutions in Delhi & NCR. This year, Goel Medicos is projected to have a turnover of approximately 70 crores. In addition to his professional achievements, Dr. Goel is a committed philanthropist and social activist. He is the Chairman of Mission Sarvarth Seva Foundation (Regd) Delhi, General Secretary of RDCA North East Delhi, and Jyoti Nagar Vyapar Sangh (Regd.). He is also a member of more than 100 NGOs and more than 100 gaushalas.
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