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“It is also to help the readers know what commandments by Allah are mentioned in each one of the juz,” he added….

Understanding the Quran


Aao Quran Majeed Zehan Nasheen Karain
Author: FD Sheikh
Reviewed by: Muhammad Omar Iftikhar
Pakistani writer FD Sheikh has made a humble effort to help us understand the message and meaning of the commands and events as mentioned in the Holy Quran. His book, Aao Quran Majeed Zehan Nasheen Karain (Let’s Understand the Holy Quran) is a small booklet having immense value for those who want to understand the Quran.
The booklet comprises thirty pages where each page summarises the key commands and stories as mentioned in each one of the thirty juz – part, or para – in the Holy Quran. So, chapter one of Aao Quran Majeed Zehan Nasheen Karain sums up the content of the first juz, so on and so forth.
“The central idea is to help readers comprehend the significant divine instructions and Islamic stories that are mentioned in each juz,” said FD Sheikh. “It is also to help the readers know what commandments by Allah are mentioned in each one of the juz,” he added.
Sharing his inspiration for writing this book, FD Sheikh said that he often felt apologetic for not being able to participate in conversations related to Islam. “There were moments when I wanted to discuss Islam and the Holy Quran, but felt I did not know the reference to an Islamic event or a commandment of Allah as mentioned in the Quran.” This motivated him to read the Quran and list down all the significant ideas and philosophies of life mentioned in the Holy book. “The summaries in the booklet will inform the readers of the historical context of each juz and its content.”
There was indeed no room for any errors when compiling the content for the booklet. FD Sheikh meticulously read each juz of the Quran and understood the context and the content of the written word. Special care was taken when summarizing the content so that each part of the summary remains aligned with the message and the context as presented in the Quran.
To ensure this aspect, FD Sheikh meticulously read several books authored by Islamic scholars pertaining to the teachings of the Holy Quran. He received guidance, advice, counsel, and direction from these reference books. The insights by the scholars of Islam helped him grasp the essence of each of the Holy Quran’s juz in depth.
FD Sheikh, who is a chartered accountant by profession and a writer by heart, had been working on this project for nearly two and a half years. During this time, he read the Quran, compiled a list of what to include in the booklet, and conducted his research. “I wanted to bring the readers closer to the Quran. Our time remains limited during the day due to our multiple personal and professional engagements. Our concentration span is also restricted. I decided to share a summarized version of the important details as mentioned in the Quran,” said FD Sheikh.
Moreover, the booklet includes the Islamic stories of the Quran as presented in each one of its juz. “I have explored the moral values of the stories and presented their brief accounts for the readers,” the writer said.
The stories from the Quran in Aao Quran Majeed Zehan Nasheen Karain include the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah and the flood, Abraham and his sacrifice, Moses and the exodus, and the life of the Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) among others. FD Sheikh’s retelling of these stories – based on his understanding of the content as mentioned in the Quran and acquiring contextual direction from the scholar’s literature – provides readers with a deep insight into the significance of these stories in Islamic tradition.
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