Homemakers ask Nirmala Sitharaman to reduce cooking gas price, FM says THIS – India Today

By Pramod Madhav: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman was requested by homemakers to reduce the cooking gas price during her visit to Pazhaiyaseevaram village in Tamil Nadu’s Kanchipuram district.
Sitharaman visited the village along with Minister of State L Murugan to begin the ‘wall to wall’ campaign for the 2024 elections when she was surrounded by some homemakers who asked her to reduce cooking gas prices.

The Union Finance Minister interacted with the locals during her visit to the village and asked them if they had received the benefits announced by the government. It was then that a group of homemakers surrounded her and requested her reduce the cooking gas price.
Answering them, the finance minister stated that the price of cooking gas is decided by the international market.

“We don’t have cooking gas in our country. We are only importing it. As we import it, if the price goes up there, it goes up here as well. If it reduces there, it will be reduced here. But it has not reduced much in the last two years,” stated Nirmala Sitharaman.
She then went to a BJP functionary’s residence where she painted the lotus symbol, thereby initiating the campaign.

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