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The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) certification, offered by the CFA Institute in the US, is a globally recognized finance qualification that can help you secure your dream job in the core finance sector.
As the demand for CFA-certified professionals continues to grow, major investment banks, portfolio management companies, and other finance-related firms seek their expertise. 
CFAs can take on various roles in the finance industry, including equity research analyst, investment banker, portfolio manager, risk manager, and financial advisor, among others. For example, an equity research analyst with CFA credentials would be responsible for analyzing companies, industries, and market trends to determine the investment potential of a stock.
The CFA syllabus is quite technical and challenging to understand if studied independently, making attending classes almost essential.
So here’s a curated a list of Top 7 Online CFA Prep Courses:
1. QuintEdge
This institute tops the list of online CFA prep providers. It was established with a motto of ‘Intuitive Learning’, where the teacher emphasizes deep understanding and practical application of concepts, rather than rote memorization. Their unique approach helps students visualize formulas, leading to a more profound understanding of the curriculum. Quintedge’s online learning portal tends to be the most comprehensive amongst all, with cutting edge learning material, superior quality videos and highly active discussion forum. They claim a whooping pass rate of 88% in their CFA prep course, along with a pass guarantee.
The head faculty, CA Yash Jain is an Industry expert with rich experience in Valuation, Investment Banking and Corporate Finance.
Rs. 25,000 to 30,000 or $300 to $365
2. EduPristine
With over 10 years of existience, EduPristine is a leading provider of accounting and finance training in India. Their comprehensive offerings cover a range of certifications including CFA, FRM, CMA, CPA and Financial Modeling. Beyond theoretical knowledge, they also emphasizes soft-skills training to prepare students for careers in the risk domain. While they do not provide a specific passing rate for their students, the large number of successful alumni speaks for the quality of their programs.
Most of their Faculties are freelancers, and  hold CFA Charter themselves. Additionally, they also have decent experience of teaching students in the CFA exam.
Rs. 26,500 to Rs. 40,000 or $320 to $485
3. Fintree
Fintree is a well-known Pune based institute for the preparation of Finance related courses such as CFA and FRM. They have detailed and high-quality courses curated for finance aspirants across the country. They provide detailed notes, question banks and revisionary videos to students, which helps them prepare better for the exam. They also offer placement services to students through their alumni connections.
Their Lead instructor, Utkarsh jain is both CFA and FRM with years of teaching experience.
Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 50,000 or $300 to $600
4. Fintelligents 
Fintelligents was established in 2017, and they have an alumni base of 1000+ students. It was founded by an IIT IIM alumni Kartik Subramanium who has a 5 years of experience in the teaching industry. The teachers at Fintellligents believe in giving personalized attention to the students, and that’s why they have small batch size of upto 10-15 students. You may not have heard of Fintelligents, but they are dedicated about giving great results with each passing attempt. 
Ganesh Nayak, the head faculty is a certified FRM. He also takes up CFA classes with Fintelligents.
Rs. 35,000 or $425
5. Analyst Prep
If you possess a natural aptitude for Finance and have a genuine desire to learn from seasoned professionals, you can definitrly consider AnalystPrep. This advanced learning platform, founded in 2014, offers courses in CFA, FRM, and actuarial sciences. Their ultimate goal is to promote financial literacy by leveraging advanced learning technologies and futuristic study aids. With over 17,000 students enrolled and a 56% pass rate, AnalystPrep has become a game-changer in the field of financial education.
Their Head trainer, Professor James Forjan, is PhD in Finance and a CFA. He also has an experience of teaching college-level finance classes for over 23 years.
Rs. 33,000 or $399
6. iPlan Education
iPlan Education is the most experienced FRM preparation provider in India and has earned the trust of thousands of students. Since 2010, the institute has received numerous awards for its exceptional approach to preparing students for finance certifications. Their top-notch video lectures, study materials, and mock exams offer students comprehensive support to succeed. While the average pass rate for FRM is typically between 35% to 50%, iPlan Education boasts an impressive pass rate of 70% to 80%.
Head faculty, Pravin Khetan is an FRM with 5+ years of experience.
Rs. 23,400 to Rs. 28,500 or $285 to $345
7. Miles Education
Miles has recently garnered significant attention, and rightfully so. Widely regarded as a leader in the field of accounting, Miles has earned its reputation not only in India but also in other parts of the world. Their CPA prep course is their most renowned offering, but they have recently added CFA and FRM Prep Courses to their portfolio. Additionally, Miles emphasizes the importance of practical experience, providing students with opportunities to gain real-world experience through internships and practical projects.
Most of their Faculties are CFA Certified.
Rs. 40,800 (or $495) for each level, which also includes Kaplan Schweser Training Material
These are some of the best institutes that can help you with CFA preparation. Along with the institutes, some basic information about the course was provided above. This was to give you an idea of what you must be entering into.
However, doing an CFA course alone never promises a decent job; it actually makes your understanding deeper and enhances your knowledge about an organization’s Financials. Although a CFA certification definitely adds points to your CV, you are more likely to get a good job with this certification after you gain real practical skills such as Financial Modeling, Valuation, Excel etc. Above everything, your knowledge and abilities will take your career to another level.
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