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Financial indiscipline
Ishaq Dar may certainly be a good chartered accountant with experience in commercial enterprises, but he is definitely not a good qualified economist. However, it should be elaborated that while Dar cannot fix the sick economy this government inherited, the royal mess Pakistan is in today, is because of years of abuse, incompetence and financial indiscipline that has dominated corridors of power since 1956. Irrespective, of whether this is by design to make Pakistan economically weak and unstable to an extent, that it follows dictates of foreign powers, or it is sheer incompetence, over 225m citizens are suffering. One only hopes that those at helm realise gravity of crisis and rise above petty politics and game of thrones, to face challenges Pakistan faces today. This country has been a victim of insatiable greed of few, who having benefited most, from vast opportunities offered by Pakistan, have now abandoned it lock stock and barrel and moved to greener pastures. No foreign intervention, or conspiracy, can succeed unless there are partners from within, willing to betray their motherland.
Starting from Mohd Shoaib, an employee of World Bank, there have been several others who dominated Finance Ministry and moulded our financial system to rely on imported technology, instead of self-reliance and no investment in developing human resources. We even had PMs thrust upon this country, without a valid NIC or passport, who came with brief cases and departed with loads of kickbacks etc. It is an established fact that an individual can have undivided faith in one religion and loyalty to one country, yet we allowed people with split loyalties to decide our fate and policies.
Roads in poor condition
Through your esteemed daily, I would like to draw attention of authorities to poor condition of roads in our locality. The roads in our area are riddled with potholes. The vehicles must come to a halt after a few seconds to adjust to road conditions. As a result, people are unable to drive their vehicles smoothly, resulting in number of accidents. During the rainy season, the situation worsens because people cannot find a safe way to move forward while driving and their vehicles become stuck in potholes. Some roads must be rebuilt, while others must be repaired immediately. As a result, as a resident of our community, I request that the authorities act as soon as possible so that people are not inconvenienced.
Substandard education
As John Dewey rightly said that “Education is not preparation for life, education is life itself.” It is very much important for every individual and nation to get quality education. Education is the only way out to resolve national and international disputes.
Balochistan is recorded to be the largest province of Pakistan in terms of territory that covers around 44% of entire Pakistan. In fact, Balochistan is also the richest province in terms of natural resources and minerals. But it is quite distressing that Balochistan is made deprived from all basic needs of life including education.
According to statistics, currently around 13000 schools exist in Balochistan, out of which 40% lack washrooms, 30% are deprived from electricity facilities, and 28% face potable water shortage. Despite being richest province, Balochistan’s education standard is quite poor and disappointing. It’s incredible that province students are not provided with facilities that are necessary for getting quality education. Moreover, it’s very much alarming that out of school children ratio is in millions. According to UNICEF, 60-70 percent children in Balochistan are out of school, yet government of Balochistan is in deep sleep.
Turbat, Balochistan


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