Why debt-hit countries like Pakistan, Sri Lanka shouldn't borrow from China – Indiatimes.com

Pakistan's food crisis: Clashes erupt over distribution of free government wheat flour during Ramzan
Islamabad, Mar 31 (PTI) Cash-strapped Pakistan has received a rollover loan of USD 2 billion that matured last week from its "all-weather ally" China, finance minister Ishaq Dar said on Friday, a move that will help Islamabad secure the much-required bailout from the IMF.
NEW DELHI: China has emerged as the "lender of last resort" to the very same countries that already owe massive amounts of debt to Beijing, thanks to its ambitious Belt and Road Initiative. From Sri Lanka to Turkey, China has provided millions of dollars worth of emergency loans to crisis-hit
Beijing is emerging as a new heavyweight in providing emergency funds to debt-ridden countries, catching up to the IMF as a lender of last resort
ISLAMABAD: Pakistan's major debt sustainability indicators have witnessed marked deterioration during the first half of this fiscal year in the middle of steep currency devaluation and interest rates hikes, revealed a semi-annual debt bulletin of the finance ministry, The Tribune reported. The


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