Chartered Accountant Topper And Author Of The Sojourn And Pulchritude – An Eternal Love Story, Rupansh Ashwani Is MD/CEO Of Cloud Software And Business Services Company, AGASS, Education And Travel Company, SHASHIKUL And Ecommerce Co –

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Updated on: 15 February,2023 06:38 PM IST &nbsp|&nbsp Mumbai
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Rupansh Ashwani is Chartered Accountant, MBA, CFA, MFA, DISA, B.Com Hons. He topped Chartered Accountant exams in India in 2011.

He is also certified career counsellor and certified study abroad counsellor. He is also the author of poetry book on secrets of the universe, ‘The Sojourn’ and novel, ‘Pulchritude-An Eternal Love Story’. He is also the singer/composer/lyricist of songs, ‘Proud to be a CA’, ‘Love can go so far’, ‘Show me the way’ and ‘You are in my dreams’. He is also a motivational speaker.
Rupansh Ashwani is the MD/CEO of company SHASHIKUL. The company provides services in education and travel domain. The company provides career counselling, study abroad, NEET admissions and counselling, university admissions, online classes for IELTS, PTE, YOGA. For career counselling, students have to give a psychometric test at the company’s website after which they get a comprehensive report and optional one to one counselling session. In study abroad, the students have to answer some questions after which they get a report with their probability of admission to various universities and countries. The SOP process is also online. The company takes care of all the process from visa application to offer letter. The company also helps in accommodation and transfers. The company also has apps SHASHIKUL Schoolsy and SHASHIKUL Schoolsio which have videos, quizzes, assessment, exam patterns, student progress and much more. The app SHASHIKUL Examera has test papers to prepare for any exam in India.  The company also has educational social networks, SHASHIKUL Edura and SHASHIKUL Pictora where customers of SHASHIKUL can make friends, socialize and learn from one another. The access to these social networks is given free to every customer of SHASHIKUL. The company also provides free notes and videos for students of schools. It also provides videos for banking exams. The company also provides tours and travel packages, air tickets, hotel bookings, transfers etc. The website of SHASHIKUL is .
Rupansh Ashwani is the MD/ CEO of company SHASHWANI. It is an ecommerce company which sells quality products at affordable prices at . The products include clothes, shoes, kitchenware, toys, mobile and electronic accessories. The company provides options of online payments and cash on delivery to its customers. SHASHWANI also has jewelry ecommerce store at . Here the company sells original gold and diamond hallmarked jewelry with exquisite designs. The jewelry is certified by GIA, SGL, GSI and IGI.
Rupansh Ashwani is also the MD/CEO of AGASS. AGASS provides cloud softwares at very affordable prices at . The softwares cover all aspects of business like startup, marketing, finance, operations, human resources, social media marketing and management, freelancing, management, industry specific business and a lot more. The company also provides chartered accountant services, insurance, human resources, loans and a lot more. The company also gives anyone an opportunity to start his own mobile app development and web development company through its sites at and . The company also gives free web hosting to everyone at . The official website of the company is .

Rupansh Ashwani also has website where everyone can read novels for free. On the website , people can rent and buy movies.
Rupansh Ashwani also holds seminars regularly on topics of secrets of the universe, motivation, career counselling and various other contemporary topics in institutions and companies. His articles on various topics are published on different platforms daily. With all his services, Rupansh Ashwani aims to make the world a better place to live in.

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