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NEW DELHI : During the Financial Year 2022-23, Indian Railways (IR) achieved milestones in various categories including freight loading, electrification, New Line/ Doubling/ Gauge Conversion, Loco production and also the integration of technology for ensuring safety.
Highlights of Indian Railways (IR) achievements in Financial Year- 2022-23 are mentioned below:
1. Freight Loading & Revenue:  IR has loaded 1512 MT during 2022-23 as compared to 1418 MT during FY 2021-22 registering an increase of 6.63% in terms of loading. This is the highest ever loading for IR in a Financial Year. During FY 2022-23 IR has achieved revenue of Rs. 2.44 Lakh Crores as  compared to Rs.1.91 Lakh Crores during 2021-22 registering an increase of 27.75%. Following the Mantra, “Hungry For Cargo”, IR has made sustained efforts to improve the ease of doing business as well as improve the service delivery at competitive prices which has resulted in new traffic coming to railways from both conventional and non-conventional commodity streams. The customer centric approach and work of Business Development Units, backed up by agile policy making, helped Railways towards this landmark achievement.
2. Record electrification: Indian Railways is rapidly progressing to accomplish Mission100Percent Electrification and become the largest green railway network in the world. 6,542 RKMs has been achieved in IR history during 2022-23. Previous highest electrification was 6,366 RKM during 2021-22, registering an increase of 2.76%.
3. In New Line (New Line/ Doubling/ Gauge Conversion) 5243 km was achieved during  2022-23 as compared to 2909 Kms during 2021-22. Thus average daily track laying comes out to be 14.4 kms per day. It is also the Highest ever commissioning.
4Automatic Signalling: In order to increase line capacity to run more trains on existing High Density Routes of Indian Railways, Automatic Block Signaling is a cost effective solution. During 2022-23, IR has upgraded 530 Kms with automatic signaling as compared to 218 Kms during 2021-22, registering an increase of 143.12%. It is also the best figures achieved in automatic signaling in the history of IR.
5. Digitally Interlocked Stations (Electronic Interlocking): Large number of Digitally Interlocked Stations have been created from old lever frame to computer based operating system. Electronic Interlocking is being adopted on a large scale to derive benefits of digital technologies in train operation and to enhance safety. During 2022-23, 538 Nos. of stations were provided Electronic Interlocking as compared to 421 Nos. of stations during 2021-22, an increase of 27.79%.
6. Flyovers/Underpass: To facilitate the public to cross the tracks on roads, during 2022-23, 1065 Flyovers/Underpass were provided as compared to 994 Flyovers/Underpass during 2021-22 showing an increase of 7.14%.
7FOB: For passenger / pedestrian crossing, during 2022-23, 375 FOBs were constructed as compared to 373 FOBs in 2021-22.
8. LC Elimination: Safety at Level Crossing Gates has been a major area of concern. During 2022-23, 880 LC gates were eliminated as compared to 867 LC gates during 2021-22.
9. Gati Shakti Freight Terminals: To increase its model share in freight segment, IR is prioritizing development of Gatishakti Freight Terminals. During 2022-23, 30 Freight Terminals were created as compared to 21 Freight Terminals in 2021-22.
10Lifts /Escalators: As part of ‘Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan’, to provide ease of movement for Divyangjans, aged and children on railway platforms, Indian Railways is installing lifts and escalators at railway stations across the countryDuring 2022-23, 215 Lifts and 184 Escalators were provided as compared to 208 Lifts and 182 Escalators in 2021-22.
11Highest ever Scrap Sale achieved : Indian Railways makes all out efforts to optimally utilise resources by mobilising scrap materials and sale through e-auction. Scrap sale of Rs 5736 Cr was achieved during 2022-23 as compared to Rs.5316 Cr during 2021-22, an increase of 7.90%.
12. Yard Remodelling was carried out in 414 stations during 2022-23 over IR.
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