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The website URL for Pinnacle Online Banking has changed. For details of this change – or if you’re having trouble entering your Password – click here
We’ve made a minor but important change to Pinnacle Online Banking.
When you log into Online Banking at, your browser directs you away from the website and enters the one that hosts our Online Banking system.
On Sunday, April 2, the website address for our Online Banking system changed. The website URL you’ll see in your browser bar for Online Banking is now, as shown in the screenshot below. 
Website browser bar showing
The Online Banking system itself has not changed. You still go to to log in, and everything in Online Banking itself looks and works the same as it did before. The only change you may notice is the URL that displays in your browser window, seen above.
We have set up redirects to make this process seamless. You will continue to find the Online Banking login box at Your bookmarks and favorites still work, along with any connections you have made between Online Banking and accounting or other software.
However, if you use your browser or a browser plugin to remember your Online Banking credentials, it may not autofill your Access ID and Password when you visit for the first time since the change. To see the passwords stored in your browser, follow the instructions below. If you need help resetting your Online Banking Password, use the Forgot Password button and follow the instructions it gives you. 
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