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At 22 billion dollars, Byju’s is the world’s most-valued startup. The company has now appointed Ajay Goel as the Chief Financial Officer of the ed-tech company a year after its CFO PV Rao resigned. This comes amid reports that the company has delayed its regulatory filings for the financial year 2021-22 for more than six months. Who is Ajay Goel, who will handle the finances of the company valued at INR 189000 crore.
Ajay Goel has an experience of 21 years. He has worked for massive companies like Vedanta, Diageo, Coca Cola, Nestle and General Electric. He was the Group CFO of Vedanta. He had been the deputy group CFO. He joined the company in March 2021.
He was the executive vice president and finance controller of Diageo. He was also the EVP at GE. Per his LinkedIn profile, he was the Lead Finance Manager at Coca-Cola. He has expertise in building teams, strategic finance and aspects of the finance sector.
He isn’t from IIT or IIM, like other corporate honchos. He is a chartered accountant and company secretary. He reportedly secured single digit ranks on the national level in these courses.
He completed his BCom from Mumbai’s Xavier College.
The company is trying to secure a massive funding from a clutch of investors.
Goel resigned from Vedanta last month. The company had said in its regulatory filing that his resignation would be effective April 9. 
He will work closely with the founders — Byju Raveendran and Divya Gokulnath. His role will be linked to strategy, capital planning and finance.
“With his extensive experience and diverse skill-set, Ajay is the ideal candidate to take on the role of chief financial officer as we continue to chart the course of sustainable growth in this exciting new phase. His strategic thinking and financial acumen will be instrumental in helping us create even more value for our stakeholders,” the company said in a statement.


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