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House and Senate bills fund many League priorities, including street funding for small and large cities, the Safe Routes to School Program, and Corridors of Commerce.
House and Senate omnibus transportation funding bills that are moving through the Legislature fund many programs that benefit cities.
The House measure, unveiled on March 28 as a delete-everything amendment to HF 2887 (Rep. Frank Hornstein, DFL-Minneapolis), passed out of the Transportation Finance and Policy Committee on March 31 and is awaiting a hearing in the House Taxes Committee.
The Senate’s omnibus transportation funding bill, SF 3157 (Sen. Scott Dibble, DFL-Minneapolis), was introduced as an amendment on March 29. The Senate Transportation Committee heard testimony on the measure on March 31 and laid the bill over. The committee will likely vote to pass the measure to the Senate Finance Committee on April 3.
Both bills increase revenues for transportation statewide and both include new revenue sources, including a 75 cent retail package delivery surcharge dedicated to roads —including city streets — statewide, and a seven-county metropolitan area sales tax increase of ¾ cent for regional transit and roads. Both also rely on dedicating the sales tax on auto vehicle repair parts to transportation.
The League is tracking dozens of provisions in both bills. In testimony, the League expressed support for the following common provisions:
In addition to the common provisions itemized above, the League expressed support for two additional provisions in the House omnibus bill: one would fund rail grade crossing improvements and another would provide additional aid to deputy registrars.
Read the League’s written testimony for House omnibus transportation bill (pdf)
On the Senate side, the League identified five provisions that benefit cities that are not contained in the House bill:
Read the League’s written testimony for Senate omnibus transportation bill (pdf)  (see p.27)
The bills may be amended as they proceed through the committee process and floor debates. Ultimately, differences between the bills will need to be resolved by a conference committee in the remaining weeks of the 2023 legislative session. The League is on the record supporting both bills and will continue to advocate for funding provisions that benefit cities.
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